Matt Anderson's Legacy GT Turbo

I normally wouldn't include a post-94 Legacy in the "Members" section, but this is one hell of an exception!

Matt has done an awful lot to his GT to qualify, including a Stage II ASR Turbo, Autometer gauges, Holley fuel pump and Vortech FMU.

He credits Scott Orem from SPO Motorsports for the help.

Alignment settings:
Front settings: Camber: -2deg Toe Out: 1/16"
Rear settings: Camber: -1.5deg Toe: 0

"Extreme? Maybe, but I like it that way!! Cornering performance is dead on. Doubling plus without any complain from the tires. Just have to rotate the tires a little more, and from side to side than fr/rr.
Another additions are a Joe P MBC and STi 4 Pots. Now I'm going to be running the STi's with the stock setup for now in daily driving. For the track I'm more than likely goin to drop in some EBC Yellow track pads. Anyway I think that is all the info I have for you now. When I get my G-Tech I'll give some more info."