Byron's 93 Impreza Turbo

Byron's 93 Impreza sedan is a sight to behold. I was able to talk to him at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in November 2000. He was representing Kaaz, as he uses their differentials for his car. This car has since been sold.

It uses the EJ22 from a Legacy Turbo with SOHC 2.2 Turbo heads ported and polished, new pistons and internals. It has a custom intake manifold and relocated alternator.

Lots of red piping, an intake heat shield, metal braided hoses and miscellaneous parts make this one very pretty engine bay.

Notice the stock-looking coilpack. It's from a 2.5RS, which Byron claims gives ~15% more spark by default.


Pretty, pretty...


A much "sparkier" MSD ignition pack gives that coil it's extra power to make sure the flame is hot enough.

A Garrett T3/T04 turbo is fed from the shielded intake and goes through a front-mounted intercooler.

He now uses a full dog BPM transmission, as he was breaking gears every week or so for a long time and finally had to find something that would hold together. Coupled with Kaaz differentials, it's a very, very strong drivetrain.


With all of these modifications, an estimated peak horsepower of over 600 is likely. While he didn't have any paper to back up his claims, a reported 10.7 1/4 mile time at over 140 MPH should serve to rationalize those numbers.

A Wolf ECU and host of other electronic goodies keep the detonation demons from popping his pistons at over 30PSI, while he gets around 18mpg when running at low boost around town.



A full internal roll cage lets him race and drag legally, as well as making the chassis extremely stiff.

The body is also very nice with very well done graphics. A trick hood vent that has been reversed and smoothed creates a low pressure area to draw air through the front intercooler and over the engine to vent backwards over the windshield. Very nice indeed.

Future plans call for an upgraded, larger turbo. As he's exorcised his powertrain weaknesses, it's time to get more horsepower out of the engine and make use of the inherent strenghts. Goals of between 700 and 800bhp should we within reach, depending on how far he goes.

I, for one, am very glad i was able to talk to Byron and see the car for myself.