Crash's 93 Legacy Turbo (UK)

"i have a 93 legacy turbo (uk) wich has been the best motor i have owned (and i have had some cars rover 220 turbo, 6.6lt trans am, integrale to name but a few) i have done various mods to it some from want and some from need.

boost gauge
itg air filter (replacement element)
dump valve
stainless exhaust downpipe to tail pipe
ekotek valve
wrx heads
high pressure oil pump
wrx 6 spoke 16in wheels
-40mm lowering springs

The heads were a change i didn't plan but as i was having noisy lifters it was the best cure by changing heads as they run a different configuration. Stealth car it must be, as it managed a 5.0 - 60, although in the process now fried the transmission so i'm fitting a wrx gearbox and rear diff, which are stronger units and should help to give a little more punch through the gears.

cheers, Crash."