Matt's 91 Turbo Sedan


Matt, AKA Shik on the i-club forums, is the proud owner of a 91 Legacy Sport Sedan. He was one of the first guys that mailed me when the site was put up over a year and a half ago. At the time i was a newbie but learning fast. He didn't help by sending me pictures of a turbo though, i was green with envy :)

Many of the modifications he's had done are custom one-offs. He's added an HBC, WRX intercooler, Custom intake and downpipe as well as tweaks here and there. He still needs to replace his well worn struts though :)

He's painted his stock wheels the same color as his car with great results. Using a clear finish they really shine well.

Right now he's toying with the boost, trying to see what the ECU will let him get away with before stepping in and stopping the fun. Future upgrades will probably include a custom header, possibly a cam from Cobb Tuning and maybe even a head swap, if possible.

He's also the owner of a nice Galant VR4 that's almost the same shade as his. You can tell by the pictures where he got his inspiration to paint the wheels from though.


If you're interested in a similar downpipe for your Legacy, contact Rallispec about reproducing one. I've mentioned it to Matt and he said he'd donate his for a bit so they could use his as a template. I know i'd really like one, so drop them a line!