Prosthro's 94 Sport Sedan

This nice 94 is basically stock except for a K&N drop-in filter and some 205/55/15 Kumho 712s. It's got just 82k miles on it. He's planning on many more upgrades.

The Accident!

"How the accident happened....
It was 3am in the monring, my parents just went to Las Vegas and i was going to the airport to pick them up.. there were no cars on the road becoz it was so late, so i thought.. why not try out the car in high speed corner in the wet. (bad idea) it was raining quite heavily.. as i was going to the airport, i was just exiting an offramp that goes to the airport.. i know i could take that left corner at quite a high speed, so i just kept in 3rd gear around 4000-5000rpm.. around 75mph.. at first i can feel the car was sliding slightly.. the front was understeering and the rear is a little bit unstable.. so i added a little more throttle and the car started understeering.. i felt quite safe with understeer i thought.. after that initial understeer from my throttle application, the rear end of the car start to slide too.. then i started to countersteer... it was just enough for me to stay on the road as the car kept on heading left towards the side of the road which is dirty... as the car is just recovering from the oversteer, the front wheels are start to go back to the line.. but my left rear wheel was at the dirty shoulder.. i could hear rocks and sand hitting my fender.. then the rear end just totally lost it.. i realized overcorrected and the car just snapped to the right and started to spin towards a light post.. luckily, i hit the light post sideways with the left front fender in front of the wheel... i was very lucky to escape this accident with no injuries... lesson learned.... never drive fast on the street even if u have expierience in autoX or any other form of motorsports... yes.. probably Schumacher or Colin Mcrae would easily safe it.... but remember we are normal people.. I have made a mistake and i feel lucky that i got through it..."

Before the accident