Ross's 93 Legacy Sedan

Here's some info that he sent me about his car:

Ross Lumsden's 1993 Naturally Aspirated Sport Sedan 5-speed


Fresh air intake designed and prototyped by me with a K&N 6" cone filter in the place of the
snorkus and air box(it works really well).

Magnecor Electrosport spark plug wire set 8mm.

DynoMax turbo strait pipe muffler(gives those Honda guys a scare)

17"x7" Motegi MR5 performance wheels

Custom lowered 2.25" in the front and a little in the back(approx. .5" for leveling)
It was already fairly low in the back but the front had a big gap.

KYB GR2 struts installed when lowered.

Yokohama AVS Sport 205/40R17

Adjustable machined aluminum strut tower bar with stainless steel mounting rings from SPO.

Clarion detachable/fold down face receiver. Couple of years old but still very nice.

Clarion 6.5" mid-range speakers in front slots, with tweeters in molding above door handle
separated with crossovers mounted inside door powered by a 50Wx2 Amp under driver seat.
50Wx4 Amp mounted on rear seat panel inside trunk one half connected to Rear Altec Lansing
Coaxial 6.5" speakers in back shelf and the other half bridged for a subwoofer. I had two
8" MTX subs in a sealed and ported box but it took up two much space and weighed like 50-60lbs.

Hyper White PIAA headlights

Custom made tinted side marker lights

White turn signals

Yakima roof rack(mountain biking)


One 12" sub for the trunk, an underdrive pulley kit, maybe some side skirts if they look good,
a rear sway bar(after I get new lower control arms, my Legacy didn't come with a sway bar or
any connection points!!), Whiteline endlinks for the front and hopefully soon, the rear. New
engine mounts, brake upgrade, new Borla exhaust header, Ignition system, and a ProECM power-
chip mod to name a few.

Subaru's have been in the family for years(my parents first bought one in '85), my mom drives
a '97 Legacy wagon and now my sister drives a '93 Impreza.

I have had my Legacy since '98 buying it used with 59k on it. I was initially turned off to
it because it is a 2WD version, and I wanted 4WD, but now I am happy regardless. I have found
that it is the lightest stock Legacy ever made because of its lack of rear driveshaft and
differential. It specs at approx. 2750lbs. with the same engine made to pull a heavier car
and turn four wheels. It has quite a bit of pull through all 5 gears and I would consider it
to be a fast car, and with the new suspension modifications its even more of a joy to drive.

Here are some pics...although I think it looks much better in real life.