There are four connectors for the US-market BC/BF Legacy engine control unit: F47, B56, B58, and B48.
F47 B56 B58 B48 This diagram is drawn looking into the ECU's connectors with the locking tabs on top.. There are two pin sizes. The numbers in boldface represent the larger pins.

F47.1 IAC valve (close end)
F47.2 IAC valve (open end)
F47.3 Wastegate control T
F47.5 Self-shutoff control
F47.6 Canister purge control
F47.9 Cylinder 3/4 ignition
F47.10 Cylinder 1/2 ignition
F47.11 Cylinder 3 injector
F47.12 Cylinder 2 injector
F47.13 Cylinder 1 injector
F47.14 Power supply ground
F47.15 Ignition ground
F47.17 Radiator fan control
F47.18 TI monitor
F47.19 MIL
F47.20 Pressure exchange solenoid T
F47.22 A/C cut relay control
F47.23 Fuel pump relay control
F47.24 Injector ground
F47.25 Injector ground
F47.26 Cylinder 4 injector

B56.1 Cam angle sensor (+) T
Crank angle sensor (+) N
B56.2 Cam angle sensor (-) T
Crank angle sensor (-) N
B56.3 Cam angle sensor (shield) T
Crank angle sensor (shield) N
B56.4 Knock sensor (shield)
B56.5 Knock sensor (signal)
B56.6 Idle switch
B56.7 Select Monitor (Rx)
B56.8 Select Monitor (Tx)
B56.9 A/C switch
B56.10 Starter switch
B56.11 Jurisdiction ID
B56.12 Read memory connector
B56.13 Test mode connector
B56.15 Trouble code output
B56.16 Engine tachometer output

B58.1 TPS (ground)
B58.2 TPS (signal)
B58.3 TPS (power supply)
B58.4 Crank angle sensor (+) T
Cam angle sensor (+) N
B58.5 Crank angle sensor (-) T
Cam angle sensor (-) N
B58.6 Crank angle sensor (shield) T
Cam angle sensor (shield) N
B58.7 TPS shield
B58.8 MAF sensor pin 5
B58.9 Park switch
B58.10 Neutral switch
B58.11 VSS
B58.12 Ignition switch

T: Turbo models only
N: Naturally aspirated models only
1: 1990-1992 models only

B48.2 Power supply
B48.3 MAP sensor (power supply) T
B48.4 MAP sensor (signal) T
B48.5 MAP sensor (ground) T
B48.6 Oxygen sensor (signal)
B48.7 Water temperature sensor
B48.8 MAF sensor (power supply)
B48.9 MAF sensor (signal)
B48.10 MAF sensor (ground)
B48.11 Control system ground
B48.13 Power supply
B48.15 Backup power supply
B48.16 Barometric pressure sensor 1N
B48.17 Oxygen sensor (shield)
B48.18 MAP shield T
B48.19 MAF shield
B48.20 Transmission ID
B48.21 Sensor ground
B48.22 Control system ground