Hawker Odyssey Battery Install

By Dave

In the never-ending quest to eliminate hesitation, i decided that a new battery was a good step in the right direction. The battery that i had seemed to be ok, but had been in the car for longer than i've owned it, which is more than three years. I decided that a good replacement wouldn't hurt, but could help in many ways as well.

My search quickly led me to an interest in lightweight batteries, including the Dynabat and eventually to Hawker's Odyssey line. The price was a bit more than a standard battery, but it was much smaller and lighter, with a 3"x7" profile and weighing in at 16lbs with the metal sleeve. Much lighter than most batteries, while maintaining a 680CCA capability for 5 seconds.

I ended up ordering one, plus the SAE terminals, from Battery Mart.

Install took a little longer than i'd hoped, mostly due to issues with the height of the new battery and the rubbery terminal spacers that didn't let me get as much of the SAE terminals as i'd needed. I noticed that there was a spacer on the bottom of the terminal, so i proceeded to remove it, and it gave me ample grip on the terminal. In fact, the rubber spacer was preventing me from getting as much grip as i desired before bottoming out. Removing it increased the tightness substantially.

The car started up just fine, and i haven't had a problem since. I can't honestly say that the battery has eliminated hesitation, but it seems slightly less terperamental than it was before. I also lost at least 10-15lbs from the extreme front of the car, and even freed up some space, if i were to install an air-water intercooler tank.