Replacement Fender

By Dave

I went to the local foreign salvage yard in search of a replacement rear-view mirror, because i'd broken mine when removing it while trying to get the headliner off. It just so happened that they had a brand new addition to their stock, a 92 LS Wagon, white. I was mostly interested in the mirror, power antenna and some other parts, but i recalled that i needed a replacement for my cancerous left front fender. I took a look, and found only the slightest scrape with some red paint on it. The price was reasonable, and 20 minutes or so later, i had a new fender.

I was lucky enough to be there when they removed it, so i knew what was in store for when i wanted to take mine off and replace it at home...mostly. Unfortunately i ended up breaking the heads off four bolts in the process, due to rust, but i was successful at getting all of the others in properly, and the fender is solidly mounted.

For the record, there are four screws under the hood, along the top. There's one inside the doorsill, on the top, and another at the bottom. Another two are underneath the car. There are two points of attachment between the bumper cover and fender, one close to the wheel, and the other is near the front of the fender, but only accessible from the fenderwell. Another two bolts are accessed under the corner light.

This would have been very simple if not for spending an hour or two trying, in vain, to extract the broken bolts.