Mitsubishi TD04 from a WRX on a Legacy Turbo

"One picture shows how tight the elbow is when the turbo is in the car, just works though (ya I have my FPR unconnected cause I was disconecting everything to get the turbo off and I have things hooked up a little different). One shows the two turbos together for comparison and one shows the stock turbo beside an old T3 I have. I was into the Saab and Volvo scene at one point and had a bunch of them. This is one turbo I still have around. I had a friend weld me up a flange so I could use it on the Subaru with the Subaru up pipe. Had it all hooked up and then it wouldn't spool up? I didn't think about it but I mounted it on quite an angle as to
make it better for the exhaust and the intake set up. With the side load the turbine wasn't balanced and it wouldn't spool up. So never fooled around with it anymore although it would probably be a good idea as I have a monster t3/t4 turbo I bought for the car. Well pretty big anyways, make the t3 look like the t3 make the IHI look like. Well I have a few more pics if you want them but hought I would start with these. The turbo's are actually closer in size than I remembered but the is still quite a noticible difference in performance. The TDO4 brought down the 0-60 and 1/4 times quite a bit compared to the stock one.

Talk to you later