Shik's line reroute

by Dave

This is a modification recommended by Shik to give the boost solenoid a more accurate reading of the boost pressure in the intake manifold, rather than way upstream at the turbo. It might not do much for performance but it should give a more accurate account of what is going on and will let the solenoid act on a more accurate reading.

First off, get a T or Y connector of about 3/16". This might be a bit big for the hoses but it's better tight than loose. You won't need any extra hose if you do it right, but a length of hose wouldn't hurt.

The first thing to do is to identify what you're going to change and where the changes are going to happen. The boost solenoid is right next to the MAP sensor, directly in front of the right strut tower:

(The solenoid is the cylinder on the bottom)

Once you find this, follow the three hoses leading out of it. The bottom one should connect to the intermediate airbox. One other will connect to the wastegate and the last should connect to a nipple just below the turbo inlet:

(Wastegate on left, turbo nipple on bottom middle and turbo inlet top right)

I found this much easier to do when i removed the intermediate box. I just loosened the hose by the MAF and by the inlet and took the whole thing out. Make sure you know where all the hoses go...

Next you need to pull the hose from the turbo connection. Seal it off with a plug. You can get these at any local auto store. It's likely 3/16 or 1/8. In my case, i bought 1/8 so i had to improvise by using part of the tube and a connector that was smaller in diameter:

(turbo nipple on the far left, plug on the far right)

With this out of the way you need to find where you'll be inserting your T junction and routing the hose. On the frontmost right intake runner a line will run to a T. One part will go to the MAP and the other side will go to an emissions box:

(T junction is right between plug wires)

I decided to insert the T before the existing T so i cut the line running from the manifold to the T. If you don't have a lot of slack hose, try to leave more on the manifold side. 2-3 inches should be just fine between the Ts. Cut the line, insert the T and plug in the line to the boost solenoid and you're finished:

Make sure it starts and runs OK. You're not likely to notice any difference in power but it certainly can't hurt.