Subaru Legacy Automatic to Manual conversion: Who, What, When, Where and Why. How-too.

by Dave Clements

The following items are seperately written documents that serve to lead you through the process of swapping a manual transmission into an AWD Subaru Legacy. Most of these procedures and much of the information within is meant specifically for the 90-94 BC-BF Sedan and Wagon, but much of it is applicable for the BD-BG Sedans and Wagons from 95-99. Please start with the Introduction and then move towards the actual write-up on installation. I apologize for anything i might have left out, or any misinformation that might be contained herein. Please do not take my words as the absolute truth, this information can not completely prepare you for the job. Please read on!

Introduction: Who would do this, What you need,

The Great Transmission Swap: My adventure in swapping out my transmission.

Related information: Transmission/Engine mounts, STi Shifter, Kartboy, Observations.

Electronic Issues (ECU, Cruise, Neutral and Reverse) and other notes (clutch, downpipe)

Images taken before, during and after the swap.