Old News from November 2000
Byron's cool Impreza turbo posted Monday, November 27, 2000 by Dave

I've put up a page for Byron's killer Impreza with an EJ22T motor spec'd out to ~600hp over in the Turbo-Centric members section so go have a look.

A few changes... posted Monday, November 20, 2000 by Dave

I've added a few new members to the Turbo-Members section so go have a look. Troy's supercharged Liberty is looking very, very nice.

I've also been reorganizing the informational documents i have into The Library. It's a nice place to have all of the tech stuff i run across and the how-to things as well.

I recently got my Magnacor 8.5mm spark plug wires and had the Apex-i AVC-R installed. I'm rather pleased with both, though i'm still hunting for the cause of the misfire...

New TC Member posted Tuesday, November 14, 2000 by Dave

I've created a little page for the newest TC member, Matt Anderson.

He's got a Legacy GT with an ASR StageII Turbo kit and a ton of extras.

Have a here.

New stuff, good things to come... posted Friday, November 10, 2000 by Dave

As i write this, the guys at Modern Garage are installing my Apexi AVC-R boost controller. They had a bit of difficulty finding out which pins do what, as the Subaru manuals aren't very good and the Subaru ECU pinouts included in the box are for the Japan-spec models and don't match up all the way.

Tyler and Christian are Modern Garage, and they tune a lot of the Subarus here in Utah, including the fastest STS car in our region, Noah's RS. They've become the Mecca of sorts for Impreza owners, as they're always willing to take on a challenge and make things work.

The AVC-R is the first in a line of modifications i hope to have them do. An AFC would be nice, but i'm going to go for a 2.75-3" exhaust, custom intake and intercooler before i got into the electronics much more.

The aforementioned intake will be a doozy. It'll be custom made for my car and should fit all Legacy Turbos as well as possibly fitting Imprezas, though i doubt that. It's possible that a version for the N/A Legacy could be done if enough interest were found.

We'll see.

Concentrating on the Legacy posted Sunday, November 5, 2000 by Matt

Well, as much as I like it, my Galant VR4 is going up for sale. I have no room or time for two project cars, so hopefully this will free up a bit of both so I can focus a bit more on the Legacy.

As Dave mentioned, the Kartboy short throw shifter project is gone. Apparently Tom couldn't do anything with the stock shifter. But there is hope. I believe the stock linkage from an RS or any newer Impreza or Legacy, will bolt right up to the older trannys. Once you have the linkage, you will be able to use any of the numerous short throw shifters available for the Impreza, or you can just use an entire kit such as the STi or Symms kits. Just a bit more expensive but to get rid of the Kenworth shifter in the older Legacys, it should be worth it.

And finally, I'm waiting to hear back from Forced Performance in TX after inquiring about the possibilities of upgrading the IHI turbo on the Legacy. It may offer a cheaper, easier, better performing solution to upgrading to a WRX IHI turbo. Some of the top names in the Mitsubishi world sware by these guys so hopefully it will be good news. I'll keep you posted.