Old News from May 2001
Intake coming posted Tuesday, May 29, 2001 by Dave

I just got off the phone with Kevin at JC Sports.

JC has been about the only place to offer an intake setup for the Legacy Turbo, albeit rather primitive.

The setup uses and K&N cone filter, MAF adapter and PVC parts from Home Depot to replace the black intermediate pipe between the MAF and turbo. While it doesn't look too impressive, he was confident in its ability to do the job.

At this point i just want a better intake, not necessarily one that looks neat or necessarily professional. Performance over looks, anyday.

Big Brakes Installed! posted Tuesday, May 22, 2001 by Dave

I got a nice, new set of front brakes a week ago from Richard in Oregon, with the help of Jason Grahn. Brand new rotors and pads with nearly new calipers.

Installation took a lot longer than it should have, due to rust, and a small problem with the ABS sensor, but boy was it worth it!

They're big, 11.4" as opposed to the 10.9" that came stock, and best of all, they're new! I've done another write-up over in the Library, but just click the link below to have a look.

Big Brakes

Ricky's B4 Scans posted Monday, May 14, 2001 by Dave

Ricky sent me a bunch of scans of the new Legacy B4. It's from a Japanese promotional brochure with a bunch of cool pictures and whatnot.

Legacy B4

Updated info on my Legacy posted Monday, May 14, 2001 by Dave

Recently i've done a lot of stuff to the 93, and i've neglected to keep my page updated. I've gone and put up pictures from when i swapped the GT wheels for the RS wheels, and most recently a picture of the wagon with the RS wheels, lowered another 1/2" in the front and sporting magnetic decals. This was taken at the e-Center before a race on the 6th of May.

Anyway, go have a look if you've not browsed the many pages recently.

My Legacy

Matt's GT Turbo updated posted Monday, May 14, 2001 by Dave

I added some more images and some more information from Matt about his nice 98 GT with ASR turbo system. He's added an MBC and the STi 4-pot brake kit for track days. Along with an aggressive alignment, he's gotta be having a lot of fun.

Check it out

Rear Swaybar and Endlink install guide up! posted Friday, May 11, 2001 by Dave

I installed my new endlinks a few weeks ago and got a new swaybar last Friday. In the process, i took some pics and put together an install guide. I have really noticed the difference on the autocross course with the 22mm bar, neutral handling with some occasional oversteer have eliminated a lot of the understeer i used to have.

Have a look!

More stuff in the Library posted Friday, May 11, 2001 by Dave

I've got some new stuff, courtesy of Rod, including schematics and diagrams for the Liberty RS Intercooler setup, modified intake article and upgraded exhaust article.

Netscape Problems? posted Monday, May 7, 2001 by Dave

I just used Netscape 4.7 to view Turbo-Centric and found that the menu options on the far left don't show up at all. I also noticed some problems in IE 5.0, whereas 5.5 and 6 show up just fine.

This is probably due to DreamWeaver 4. It probably does some fancy stuff with the code that only IE 5.5, 6 and maybe Netscape 6 can display properly. I'll look into it further.

Autocross at the eCenter posted Monday, May 7, 2001 by Dave

This weekend's activities included a very nice day for an autocross, and a lot of fun driving.

Having just installed my MRT 18-22mm adjustable rear swaybar, i was ready to give it a shot on the course and see what kind of a difference it'd make. It made a very noticeable impact on my driving, usually to my benefit but on one occasion it might have been a bad thing. Regardless, i love it, and i'll post a short write-up as soon as i find the time.

I also got two runs on film, with the best and second-best runs being recorded. I've also got some footage outside the car and of the aforementioned swaybar-induced antics. When i get them sorted out, i'll see if i have enough room to post them.

More info on the accident posted Thursday, May 3, 2001 by Dave

Ricky sent me a brief intro to the terrible pictures involving how it all happened and what went wrong.

I've also added some cropped images on his page in the Members section.

Ricky's Mishap posted Wednesday, May 2, 2001 by Dave

Ricky had a minor mishap in his 94 Sport Sedan recently which didn't hurt him, but really buggered up his car. He took some pics and posted them on a page for us to gasp at.