Old News from June 2001
JC Sports intake, ver 1.0 posted Thursday, June 28, 2001 by Dave

Well i've had the first version of the JC Sports intake in for just over a week now, and now that i'm used to it, i can make some observations about it.

It's a prototype that they're working on, taking my suggestions toward building a better unit for the rest of the turbo owners. I feel priveledged that they let me put it on and give them an honest opinion.

Anyway, i like it. There's more sounds to the whole experience now. At idle, there's a slight, mid-range drone/whine that is present on most N/A subarus with the airbox removed. Nothing annoying at all.

When getting into the throttle a little, you hear the distinct sound of the H-4 engine and all of it's low, pulsing rhythms come back up the pipe. Dig deeper and the turbo makes itself the real attraction. When i had the snorkus removed, i could hear the turbo, but not nearly as loud as it presently is. It's not loud, just obvious that there's a turbo.

Let off the throttle at anywhere over 3000rpm with some load and the BOV will reward with a loud sigh-like sound that bounces around a little bit. It's loud, but not that high frequency that all the people seem to like. There's no mistaking it though.

Part throttle uphill gives a mixed whoosh from the turbo and some feedback from the BOV, simultaneously. It can sound pretty odd, and even bordering on flatulent, but a quick stab makes me smile again.

HP gains? Definitely. Once the revs climb a bit, it's all business and i guarantee there are at least 5 extra ponies there, and a few more in torque. I've felt torque steer where there wasn't before.

Gas mileage? Haven't driven enought to honestly say, but my feeling is that even with my heavy foot, it's better.

Stay tuned.

Update posted Wednesday, June 20, 2001 by Dave

I'm in the process of looking at this new JC Sports intake. While it is very promising, there are a few things i don't like. I'm working with them to try and get the issues resolved and i'll keep you up to date on that.

I've had a number of emails lately asking about modifications to the Legacy Turbo. In Turbo-Centric i do have a page with a basic list of modifications available and what to look for, that page is over here.

I also got a hold of some seats out of a 2001 2.5RS. Fellow autocrosser Noah had upgraded to some nice Sparco units and was looking to clear up some space, and i obliged. These are pretty good seats and bolt right in with only a few minor hitches, none major.

15000! posted Friday, June 8, 2001 by Dave


Back when i started this site in early 99, i never intended it to be much more than a "hey, look at my car" page. It's obviously become more than that.

I hope you all still find it as useful as i do myself. I frequently refer to the information on this page for my own knowledge as well as to benefit others.

Here's to another 15k!

Update on Intake posted Friday, June 8, 2001 by Dave

It's not here yet...

Kevin at JC is having a custom aluminum one made for me to look at and write up, as well as some other stuff he's excited about. All of this stuff should arrive later next week, hopefully in time for me to install it all for the autocross on the following Sunday.