Old News from June 2002
New Exhaust, updated Intercooler writeup posted Friday, June 14, 2002 by Dave

Check the Library for specific info on my new downpipe, it's really very nice and doing a great job so far. Pics and info there.

I also updated the Intercooler page with a writeup and pictures of the install.

My Intercooler Pt. 1 posted Wednesday, June 12, 2002 by Dave

I do have the intercooler installed, and all setup right, but i just haven't got around to taking pictures of the setup because of the changes i've made to it over the past two weeks.

I do have a page with the pix i took of it initially, so i'll share that with you.


It does seem to be doing a good job of cooling the intake charge, as i can definitely feel a nice kick throughout the powerband.

More images to come...