Old News from September 2000
HBC install updated posted Thursday, September 28, 2000 by Dave

I got my Hallman Boost Controller from Matt yesterday and got it installed last night. I took a bunch of pics and updated Matt's excellent installation article with them. Go have a look!

HBC Installation Guide

Goodies posted Wednesday, September 27, 2000 by Dave

I just got my Hallman Boost Controller from Matt today. It's apparently the newer version with a knob instead of a hex-head bolt. It's really not a complex device but it seems to do everything it needs to. I'll be installing it this evening.

I just ordered a rear strut brace from Cobb Tuning and should have it by this friday. Since the wagon is missing a lot of the lateral support that the sedans have, Trey said that even in the newer models it makes a very noticeable difference in the way it handles and reacts.

Can't wait!

New Stuff posted Monday, September 25, 2000 by Kampf

I installed a set of Denso spark plugs over the weekend. While i got no noticeable benefits from them, the old NGK plugs had seen better days and were charred but otherwise undamaged.

I made a new logo for Legacy Central and Turbo-Centric. These are very small and should take less than a second to load on a modem.

Welcome Pete! posted Friday, September 22, 2000 by Kampf

I added pics and info on Pete's 92 Sport Sedan to the Members section so go take a look. He's got a very nice car and plans for the future!

Pete's 92 Sport Sedan

Temp Sensor installed! posted Thursday, September 21, 2000 by Dave

Contrary to my overzealous local Subaru Master Mechanic's warnings, the temp sensor replacement on my 93 was easy, very easy.
Required are the following:

3-5 hours of cool down time.
1 ratchet or means of leverage, 3/8 or 1/2in.
1 18mm deep socket, 3/8 or 1/2in.
1 long extension or 2 short extensions.
1 replacment temp sensor plus washer.
1 small strip of teflon tape.
3 minutes of actual work.

It's located almost directly underneath the throttle cables and isnt very hard to get out after you disconnect the plug.

Colors! posted Thursday, September 21, 2000 by Kampf

The Turbo-Centric section has received an update with different colors. This is mainly to differentiate itself from the Legacy Central part of the site.

Don't be alarmed when you click on a link and the background color is different and the font has changed.

News Problems posted Thursday, September 21, 2000 by Dave

Apparently i messed up something and the news went bonkers this morning, sorry for the wierdness.

Misc... posted Wednesday, September 20, 2000 by Dave

Well I finally got a chance to get under the hood again.

First I removed the brackets that held that plastic cover on as they weren't doing anything constructive. Second i resized some of the long and short vacuum hoses i was using and got them all to more reasonable lengths. Third, i finally removed the fender resonator and just have the stock box and filter drawing air from the fenderwell instead. It doesn't make much more noise. Fourth, i finally got rid of the most annoying squeaking from the center of my dashboard. It turns out the center bolt was very loose and so the whole dash was sliding back and forth making a terrible noise.

For some reason my boost is being erratic now though, so i'm going to have to check all hoses and make sure i don't have a leak.

Arsalan's L posted Monday, September 18, 2000 by Dave

I met Arsalan at the UofU SCCA meet and took some pics of his 95 Legacy L then put together a page with said shots and some info, so take a look!

Arsalan's 95 L

Interesting Weekend posted Monday, September 18, 2000 by Dave

While Matt was missing shifts and learning the hard-knocks of drag racing, i was up to much more gentlemanly exploits...

That is if installing an 18mm rear sway bar on a 98RS and watching an SCCA meet with no less than 5 RSes and a Legacy qualify as gentlemanly.

As you can imagine, it was a Subaru filled weekend. I helped a local guy get a larger rear bar installed and demonstrated how terrible Bridgestone RE92s really are. He probably could have kept up with me on the Snow Basin road but his tires were having none of that!

Sunday, Chris and I went to the UofU Rice-Eccles stadium parking lot and watched the SCCA meet. We talked to Noah, Calvin, Dave and Arsalan about their cars, racing and starting a local club for Subaru enthusiasts. These guys are very cool and i hope to toss my Wagon into the mix when the parts arrive to get it tuned.

Quarter mile time - Disappointing yet very Optimistic. posted Sunday, September 17, 2000 by Matt

Well, I got to run the car on Friday night. How many times? Once, right before it starting raining :( Anyways, keep in mind I'm no expert at drag racing as this was only my second or third time at a track and good launches and knowing your shift points are things that have a big effect on your overall time, but need lots of practice to get good at, something I had none of :)

With a absolutely tragic 60 foot time of 2.49 and missing 4th gear, resulting in my coasting the last 300 feet or so( a quarter mile is only 1320ft long), I netted a 16.5 and 89 mph. Read the complete story at "Legacy Works" . All-in-all, with a terrible 60ft time, missing 4th gear, and with the car having a slight miss probably due to the spark plugs being half shot, I still came within a few tenths of the Magazine tests when the car was brand new! A few Mistubishi racers looked over my time slips and said with a better 60ft time, actually getting into 4th gear, good plugs( they heard it breaking up when I was accelerating) and alot of practice on my part, it's easily a low 15 second car if not better. And this was only at around 10-11psi, a full exhaust, an intake, and a tiny WRX intercooler! There is definately potential in this car. My original goal for the car was for it to be a fun daily driven 14 second Subaru. Now it doesn't seem too far away.

Wheels shots posted Friday, September 15, 2000 by Dave

I've got some pics of the wheels on my car and off in the "My Legacy" section so have a look.

They're really nice and make the car look much more sophisticated and sporty while not overdoing it like many wheels do.

The tires are loud and sidewalls are stiff but it sticks like glue and i like that a lot.

Also check out the "High Quality" images for some larger and more detailed shots of the car with the new wheels.

The 16" GT wheels are here! posted Wednesday, September 13, 2000 by Dave

Thanks to chris in TX i'm now the proud owner of a set of 16" Legacy GT wheels with Yokohama A520 205-50/16 rubber.

These are less than a year old and chris needed larger wheels for his brake upgrade. Oh well, we're both happy now!

I'll take some pics tommorow and let you all have a look. So far i'm very happy with the look and feel, but could live without the noise. Oh well!

Turbo review up posted Tuesday, September 12, 2000 by Dave

Matt scanned in some pictures and typed in the article he got from Turbo magazine and i've compiled it into one long review. This one is particularly nice because it was written from the point of view of an enthusiast.

Check it out!

Turbo Review

Turbo Magazine Article posted Tuesday, September 12, 2000 by Matt

Hey guys, an article pertaining to the Legacy Turbo from turbo Magazine back in 91 is now up. Check it out here . I also have a few other articles floating around that I hope to get to Dave soon, as well as various pictures of the Group A Legacy and some pictures of modified Legacys from Hyper Rev Magazine. Look for them shortly.

Also, for those of you with 5 speeds or those who will be converting to a 5 speed in the future, I plan on getting a shifter out to Tom at Kartboy Kustoms this week so he can hopefully design a short throw shifter for us 90-94 guys, similar to the ones he currently makes for the newer Imprezas that owners are going nuts over. I will be sure to keep you guys updated.

And finally, I will be taking the old Legacy Turbo to the drag strip this Friday night to see what it will do. I've seen stock times range anywhere from 16.0-16.7 but keep in mind, the guys that got those times do that stuff for a living. This will only be my second time at the drag strip so I'm not expecting anything great but by the end of the night, I hope to be at least equal or better then the stock times. Also, since the car is a 365 day a year daily driver, I'm not going to be doing 6500rpm launches either. But, we'll see what we can do ;)

LegacyWorks posted Monday, September 11, 2000 by Dave

The LegacyWorks forum at eGroups is expanding pretty rapidly with 24 members already.

If you have a 90-94 Legacy and need a question answered then please join up and post! It's free, no spam involved (that i know of), and there are a lot of good, knowledgeable people to answer your questions.


Debadged! posted Friday, September 8, 2000 by Dave

I recently removed the badges from the front and rear of my wagon and i think it looks much better without the silver lettering. The front doesn't look as good but i have to find a replacement as the original has paint cracking off. Maybe a red STI badge :)

Check out the pix:



Boost Gauge install updated posted Friday, September 8, 2000 by Dave

I've updated the Boost Gauge install article with some revised information and pictures of both the pod and hose routing as well as some electrical stuff.

New Stuff! posted Thursday, September 7, 2000 by Dave

First off is the revised news. I've used this program before but on another site. I'm going to have Matt start having input on the news now so it was much easier to do this than the old method.

So, bear with me as I relearn CGI and get this taken care of.