Old News from October 2000
SEMA and West Coast Subaru meet posted Tuesday, October 31, 2000 by Dave

I and close to a dozen Subaru owners will be heading to Las Vegas from Utah for the 3rd annual West Coast Subaru meet and the SEMA show.

This looks to be the largest single gathering of Subaru enthusiasts in this hemisphere i bet.

With people from CA, NV, TX, AZ and elsewhere attending, it should be quite a sight!

I'll have plenty of pictures and information for you all when i get back early next week.

Sweet 92 Touring Wagon for sale posted Wednesday, October 25, 2000 by Dave

Brian Flanagan must part with his 92 Touring Wagon and would like to sell it to someone who can take great care of it.

It's a 92 with a lot of custom work including a very nice stereo, keyless entry, a very nice silver paintjob and fresh transmission.

I've built a page with some specifications and contact info. If you're interested, i'm sure he'd like to sell it to you.

Brian's 92 Wagon

No short-throw shifter? posted Monday, October 23, 2000 by Dave

Jason informed me that Tom from Kartboy has come to the conclusion that a short-throw shifter can't be made to replace the stock Legacy unit. While that might be a bit pessimistic, if you know anyone who has experience in such products and would like to at least take a look at it, please let me know and we can send them the OE shifter.

Thanks to Jason and Matt for trying to get this moving.

Strut tower brace part deux posted Thursday, October 19, 2000 by Dave

GTMAN in the i-club forums pointed out the possibility that i could have installed my strut tower brace backwards. While i'm not daft, i somehow failed to see this possibility and looked at the bar again.

Sure enough, it would work if i removed it and installed it the other way. Last night i took it all apart and did just that.

Guess what, it fits! I'll take some more shots of the properly fitted bar and have them up soon.

Evasive Mis-Fire posted Tuesday, October 17, 2000 by Dave

I still haven't been able to track down the misfire i've been hunting for a few weeks now. I've done just about everything i can think of to figure out what it is but to no avail.

I've replaced the plugs and wires, fuel filter and PCV valve with new parts. I had a compression/leakdown test with 120/118/118/110 and %2 as the results. I am leaking a little oil into the #1 cylinder but it seems to be holding up very well as it had the best compression of them all.

I had a PCV system leak but sealing that didn't fix a thing.

I have my suspicions about the ignition system but since the Subaru ignition coil is basically just two coils with four leads, the engine would run much worse than it does. Pulling a wire on all cylinders has the expected effect of seriously degrading the quality.

I had the fuel injection system cleaned with a MotorVac flush. All 4 injectors sounds great and seem to cycle very well.

Since the miss can come in right as i start it from an 8-hour sit, it's not going to be the O2 sensor because that hasn't warmed up yet.

I fear it could be something internal, or even the MAF, but getting a clear answer is just a pain...

More fun! posted Tuesday, October 10, 2000 by Dave

This last Sunday i participated in my second SCCA Solo2 event and did even better than before. I was within a second of all of the Imprezas and even bested one.

I still can't get rid of my miss after replacing the wires, plugs, fuel-filter and PCV valve. I even had a MotorVac treatment done. That helped the engine in general but not the miss. I'm beginning to suspect the MAF, injector(s) or coil may be to blame.

Update on BC-BF Short-Throw Shifters. posted Monday, October 9, 2000 by Matt

Well, due to time and money(and my laziness), I was unable to scrounge up a stock shifter so Jason Grahn from the BC-BF LegacyWorks list offered to send a spare shifter he had out to Tom at Kartboy so this topic doesn't drag on any longer. I will let everyone know what comes of it as things should start happening very soon. Hey, if we waited 10 years for one, we can wait a tad longer ;) I personally cannot wait for a new shifter. After feeling numerous short-throws in the Imprezas, it is a real drag to have to get back in the Legacy. All will be good...soon.

In other news, my Turbo Legacy has slowly been developing a miss. I know the plugs are beat so they will get replaced first. I also suspect the MAF is getting a bit flakie on me but we'll see. There has been some fantastic discussion concerning the MAF on the LegacyWorks . The FAQ that Dave(mostly) and I have been working on is coming along nicely as well. If you are a fan of the 90-94 Legacys, I highly suggest you check it out. See ya.


Strut Bar guide up! posted Wednesday, October 4, 2000 by Dave

I've put together a guide to installing the rear strut tower brace on a 90-94 Legacy Wagon.

Check it out!

Strut Tower Brace Install

Fun! posted Monday, October 2, 2000 by Dave

Well i went up to Pocatello, Idaho this weekend for the Octoberfast SCCA ProSolo happenings and ended up racing around the tarmac at the airport in my wagon.

I've not had so much fun in a looooong time.

The wagon did well and i'm now bent on replacing my almost-new KYB GR2s with the AGX versions and some Eibach springs from SPD Tuning.

I also got a rear strut tower brace and installed it right before the activities on Friday afternoon. While i didn't notice it a lot during my runs, as i'd really never done this stuff before, the change in the car back home is very noticeable. It's much more stiff and solid in turns and over bumps. It's worth every penny i gave to Cobb Tuning. It's a must-have for any wagon owner!